Chesty and Friends @ RDP Chesty and Friends @ RDP I fly through the air with the greatest of ease! (When you're not looking!) 167181016 OK! You're the boss. But I'm only 4 month's old. (Hee! hee! hee!) 167181017 What do you want to do next? I'm ready, let's go! 167181018 Yeek! Time for me to RUNNN! 167181019 I'll just watch for a bit, while you VERY big dogs teach me. 167181020 Zeus! 167181021 Zeus and Thor! 167181022 Chesty watches Zeus and Thor play. 167181023 Too funny! 167181024 167951566 167951567 167951568 167951569 Getting to know each other. 167951609 167951610 These two are family. Both very agile! Great to see the other dogs watching them, and learning! 167951611 OK! I get it! You are bigger than me! But just you wait a couple of months! LOL! 167951612 Thor with Zeus's little human. Gentle Thor, and little girl so trusting of big dogs. 167951613