Corwin & Freyja Corwin & Freyja Couch Potato Freyja being adorable on the sofa as usual 173709288 Scarf! Corwin in his Christmas scarf 173709289 What's that? Something caught Corwin's eye 173709290 Birthday pup Freyja celebrating her 1st birthday 173709291 Keeping her distance Freyja trying to decide which dog to hopefully not get chased by 173709292 His Bite is worse than his Bark Corwin munching on one of the trees in the dog park, to my chagrin 173709293 Safety Tree Freyja feels safest around trees and between my legs 173709294 Kissy Dogs Corwin and Freyja love each other :) ...Until someone has the other's toy 173709473 Loxley 196539715 Loxley 196539716 Freyja Freyja came in 2nd place in Altered Best in Show in August 2014 in Westfield, MA 196539717