Chesty meets Lola, and a few other girls! Chesty meets Lola, and a few other girls! 183801445 183801446 183801447 183801448 183801449 183801450 183801451 183801452 183801453 183801454 183801455 183801456 183801457 183801458 183801459 183801460 Yoko arrives, and the girls size each other up. "Hey, what do you think if we gals work together on Chesty?" 183801461 Lola and Yoko, with Chesty between them. "Hey ladies! There's enough of me to go around!" 183801462 Lola and Chesty. Lola's prob saying, "Good idea for you being on your back, Chesty. Because in a couple of months, I will be WAY bigger than you!" 183801463 Yoko starts the chase! 183801464 Chesty thinks he's so smart, running through the tunnel! Oooo! But this girl isn't afraid of the tunnel! 183801465 Yoko chases Chesty through the tunnel! OMG! The other girl is on the outside! They might be too smart for me! 183801466 Yoko puts the neck grip on Chesty! Is Lola waiting for here chance to get in there, or making sure that her new Boyfriend isn't damaged by the new girl? LOL! 183801467 183801468 183801469 183801470